As a consumer, you have rights and standard guarantees covered under Australian Consumer Law.  In addition to this and our 30 day return policy, which covers defects or damage from manufacture and shipping, Massimo Martina offer a 6 month manufacturer's warranty on all jewellery covering material defects and production faults from the date of purchase.

Within the 6 months, if your jewellery develops a defect, you may send it to us for an inspection.  By Law, in order to make a warranty claim, the goods must be returned accompanied with a copy of your purchase invoice or other acceptable proof of purchase.  More on the return process here.  On inspection, we may choose to repair free of charge or offer you an exchange of equal value. Any replacement will come with a new 6 month manufacturer's warranty.

We may also choose to refuse your claim under the relevant legislation if:
  1. you cannot provide your receipt or proof of purchase;
  2. the product was stolen or lost (loss of gemstones also not covered); or
  3. damage has been caused from*:
(i)   ordinary wear and tear over time;
(ii)  improper use or abuse;
(iii) accidents, such as falls or crashes; 
(iv) repair or alterations performed by another jeweller; or

(v) anything other than damage caused from a production fault or defect

*Massimo Martina reserves the right to judge whether the jewellery has  been subjected to any of the above exclusions. If it has, the warranty will be voided.

It should be understood that sterling silver does tarnish over time.  This is ordinary wear and tear, however, this can be rectified by having your ring polished.  Please refer to our product care instructions for further information.  Silver tarnishing is not covered under warranty, as it is not a defect.

Furthermore, some silver jewellery is gold plated and/or rhodium plated. Plating is not permanent and can wear off during normal wear and tear and is therefore excluded from warranty. Plated jewellery will require re-plating after some time, dependent on usage.  Please refer to our product care instructions for more information.  





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