Size Guide (Bangles & Bracelets)

How to Determine Your Bangle or Bracelet Size

Massimo Martina specifies bracelet sizes by the length of the chain (this excludes the clasp) in centimetres (cm). For example, size ‘18’ corresponds with chain length of 18 cm.  Bangles are measured by the inner diameter in millimetres (mm).


You can easily determine your own bracelet or bangle size with a measuring tape or a cord. To measure, simply place the cord (or the measuring tape) around your wrist. The point along the cord where the tip meets should be marked. 



Use a ruler to measure the marked cord and get your wrist size and therefore, the length of the bracelet.  To select your bangle size, you need to apply the following mathematical equation and select a diameter closest to that (but not smaller):

 Diameter = Circumference / pi

Note: pi is approx. equal to 3.14

 When it comes to solid bangles with no hinge or clasp, you must also measure the widest part of your first to ensure you will be able to get the bangle on past your hand. Cuff bangles might be sized slightly smaller than you would think fits, however, due to the open-back design, these bangles can actually flex to suit a slightly larger wrist for a tighter fit. 


If you prefer to wear bracelets or bangles tightly, you should select a size that closely matches your wrist circumference. For a more comfortable fit, we recommend selecting a 1 cm (in circumference) larger size.  However, this is not always possible or necessary.  For instance, a wrist with a circumference of 16 cm will still comfortably fit an 18 cm long bracelet. 

A good way to work out if a bracelet may be too big, is to work out the lowest point you would like your bracelet to sit on or below your wrist.  Measure the circumference here and make sure you pick a bracelet with a shorter length, keeping in mind that you may need a buffer to account for the clasp, which is not included in the specified length.  The same process works for bangles, but you need to convert the circumference into a diameter, as outlined in the equation above.