4-Piece Puzzle Ring Assembly Instructions

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Begin by arranging rings as illustrated in figure 1:

Ring @ left is Ring A (two indents)

Ring @ right is Ring B (four indents)

Ring @ bottom is Ring C (one indent)

Ring @ top is Ring D (three indents)

Puzzle Ring - Figure 1 Puzzle Ring - Figure 2

Figure 1

Holding in left hand, arrange so that Rings A & B form a diamond shape, A is on the left and B is on the right while Ring C is closest to you.

Figure 2

Rotate D clockwise until it locks over the bottoms of Rings A & B. Rotate Ring C counter clockwise until it locks with Ring D, forming an X as illustrated. Use your left pinky finger to hold Rings C & D in place.

Puzzle Ring - Figure 3 Puzzle Ring - Figure 4 Puzzle Ring - Figure 5

Figure 3

Rotate Ring B as shown.

Figure 4

Continue rotating Ring B until it is in this position.

Figure 5

Flip the bottom of the shank down and Ring B will lock in place with Rings C & D, as shown.

Puzzle Ring - Figure 6 Puzzle Ring - Figure 7 Puzzle Ring

Figure 6

Rotate Ring A away from the body, as shown.

Figure 7

When Ring A is positioned as shown in illustration 7, flip the bottom of the shank downward and lock in position as shown in illustration 8.

Figure 8

Ring is complete.